Bridge Loans from $3M – $100M+ in CA

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Because we have over 35 years of real estate investment and development experience as a principal through our parent company, Hankey Investment Company, we recognize that rapid decision-making and responsiveness is imperative to the real estate entrepreneur. Our deep knowledge of California real estate helps us to understand and price risk efficiently; we often issue term sheets within 24-48 hours and fund as quickly as five days from application, enabling clients to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities..


Our streamlined organization and discretionary capital allows us to tailor creative, outside-the-box financing solutions to meet the unique needs of each opportunity. Comprised of just two members, Hankey Capital’s nimble credit committee is actively involved in structuring every deal. Because our investors are internal Hankey Group entities, we do not require external approvals from high-net worth or institutional fund investors, giving us the flexibility to craft innovative solutions.


We cultivate long-term relationships with clients by offering superior service and reliability from initial inquiry through payoff. Many repeat borrowers utilize our financing even when a deal is a candidate for a traditional bank loan because we are easy to work with and provide certainty of execution. Hankey Capital never sells its loans and our underwriting, legal, funding, and servicing functions are all performed in-house. Our soup-to-nuts approach ensures a seamless experience, gives us maximum control over service, and keeps costs low for borrowers.



Hankey Capital is a private direct lender originating bridge financing in the 3 million to 100+ million dollar range secured by real estate located in California. We specialize in time-sensitive and value-added deals underserved by banks and other traditional capital sources. In addition, Hankey Capital offers structured finance solutions (including Debtor in Possession financing), totaling over $500 million in recent deals. Currently, Hankey Capital has over $850 million in loans on its balance sheet.

Parent company Hankey Investment Company owns over a million square feet of commercial property and 500,000 square feet of urban development land in Southern California, currently valued at over $1 billion. Both Hankey Capital and Hankey Investment Company are members of the Hankey Group of Companies, headed by Don Hankey, Chairman. The Hankey Group of Companies comprise seven primary operating companies totaling over $9.5 billion in assets and over 2,800 employees, encompassing the automotive, automotive finance, insurance, real estate, and technology industries.


Amount$3M to $100M
Ratestarting at 7.0% (interest only)
Points0.5% - 2.0% (no exit fee)
LocationCoastal and urban metro submarkets of California
LTV / LTCup to 85% LTV / LTC
 General Parameters
PurposeAcquisition, Refinance, Development, DPO, Note Purchase
CollateralLand (Entitled, Unentitled), Hotel, Office, Retail, Industrial, Multifamily, SFR (NOO)
Term6 months to 36 months
PrepayAllowed, Fee May Apply; No Yield Maintenance
RecourseNon-recourse considered
ClosingNo outside legal counsel time or costs
PositionFirst Trust Deed; Subordinate Financing Allowed

Program Highlights

  • Close in as Few as Five Days
  • Transitional Properties OK
  • Higher LTVs/LTCs Considered
  • Creative Structures Possible
  • Competitive Pricing
  • We Can Finance Land
  • No Yield Maintenance
  • Foreign Nationals OK
  • Minimal Paperwork
  • No Minimum DSCR

Actual terms will vary based on a number of underwriting factors.  Please call us at (323) 900-3000 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your specific financing situation, and we will quickly evaluate whether we can craft a solution to meet your needs.


Don Hankey
Don Hankey
W. Scott Dobbins
W. Scott Dobbins
Eugene Leydiker
Eugene Leydiker
Chief Counsel
Gracia Ang
Gracia Ang
Chief Financial Officer
Priyesh Bhakta
Priyesh Bhakta
Executive Vice President, Loan Originations
Ron Azad
Ron Azad
Executive Vice President, Asset Management & Development
Patricia Hankey
Patricia Hankey
Risk Management Analyst
Raul Arevalo
Raul Arevalo
EVP, Asset Management
Mike Evanisko
Mike Evanisko
Associate Vice President


Loan Originations

Priyesh Bhakta

(323) 692-8443

Billing and Payments

Patricia Hankey

(323) 801-7128

Funding and Payoff Requests

Patricia Hankey

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Eugene Leydiker

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